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World Consciousness Today

The collective consciousness of the world is in great need of enlightenment. Suffering, terror, oppression, conflict, and separation have reigned as the dominant collective consciousness for thousands of years. Continue reading

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Separating the “I” from “Me”

The “me” or mind perceived sense of self is synonymous with the ego. This “false self” is a delusion of the ego and compulsively seeks enhancement, approval, and opportunities for perceived superiority. Continue reading

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Suffering is Optional

Our experience of suffering is a direct result of our ego’s opposition to what is. When we believe that things are not as they should be we feel disappointment, unhappiness, and often depression an anxiety. Our perceptions shape our reality. … Continue reading

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The Past and The Future

The past is but a memory of our perceptions attached to whatever significance we assigned these life events, circumstances, or situations. Continue reading

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