What Ever You Want, Be It

Be The Enlightenment

That which you seek most, you already are.

In the illusion or dream we refer to as our lives. We want events, circumstances, and situations to meet our desires and expectations. When they don’t we feel disappointed, frustrated, and even depressed. We think, “I deserve better, why does this always happen to me?” We are one with the universe, our beingness or what we put out is reflected back like a mirror. Therefore whatever you are wanting or striving to receive from the “outside world” be it first internally and you will receive it abundantly. Interestingly enough, it will matter much less in the enlightened state of being.

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Access The Intelligence of The Universe

Access to Ultimate, Universal Intelligence

Enlightened Access To Universal Intelligence

The intelligence of the Universe can not be intellectualized with words, it can only be realized and experienced when we awaken to our own divine nature. When our minds are still and we are perfectly present in the moment, all problems, worry, stress, and striving fade away and the door to “the kingdom” opens. In this moment we realize what we really are, and that enlightenment has been here with us all along. This recognition or oneness is true love.

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The Ego and it’s Addictions

The Ego's Addictions

Love What Is

Approval is the drug that the ego is addicted to.  Our egos have an insatiable appetite for the approval and validation of others.  Most people feel like they are not enough, ever,  and this keeps us striving for more and trying to not lose what it is we perceive we already have. It is this fearful “thinking” that keeps us in a perpetual state of stress, worry, and anxiety.  We worry about what might happen, we resist or resent what has happened, and we wish that now were somehow different or better. The ego wants to enhance everything and resist what is. This is why we are never satisfied, or if we are why it never lasts. In order to experience peace of mind you have to be present in the moment without concern for the past or future and surrender to events, circumstances, and situations just as they are. Love what is.

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Judgement and Condemnation

The Voice of Judgement & Condemnation

The Voice of Judgement & Condemnation

The voice in your head that labels, judges, and condemns all it perceives perpetuates our illusion of separation. Everything we do, every thing we think, and every event, circumstance, and situation we encounter is immediately judged and labeled in our minds and the minds of others. This automatic or unconscious process is normal in the badly dreamed or imagined experience we call our lives. A monumental step on your journey of enlightenment or conscious awareness is to notice this unconscious, automatic, process and become aware that there is an alternative.

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Suffering is Optional

Suffering Is Optional

Everything Is

Our experience of suffering is a direct result of our ego’s opposition to what is. When we believe that things are not as they should be we feel disappointment, unhappiness, and often depression an anxiety. Our perceptions shape our reality. Suffering although uncomfortable, is very often the thing that inspires us to seek spiritual enlightenment. The question is, “Have you had enough?” Are you ready to have a completely different experience filled with love, connectedness, compassion, happiness, and peace of mind?

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The Past and The Future

Now Is All There Is

Now Is Eternal

The past is but a memory of our perceptions attached to whatever significance we assigned these life events, circumstances, or situations. The future is simply our mind’s imagination of what could be, yet these thoughts keep our awareness in the future and distract us from what is. Now, or the present moment, is all there is. Allow yourself to experience this universal truth, if only for a moment, and begin your journey on the path of conscious enlightenment.

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Surrender To What Is

Perfection Is Everywhere

Everything Is As It Is. Be here now.

Think not of how things “should be” different or better. Still your mind and surrender to what is without judgment. In that moment you will free yourself to see the perfection of things just as they are.

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Welcome to Oneness Lived

One World, One Consciousness, One Love

One World, One Consciousness, One Love

Conscious enlightenment or awakening from the grand illusion we call life is sought by many. Suffering, discontent, and separation from others is pervasive in our world today. It is this “US vs THEM” and “RIGHT vs WRONG” thinking that creates most of the suffering in our world today. At their core, people want to feel better, experience peace of mind, and be free of internal and external conflict. However the ego has other ideas. The ego is constantly working in the background striving and clinging to what could or should have been or what was at some point in the past. This striving and clinging in the past and the future distract us from the current moment which is where all that we seek exists. In order to exist as we are divinely designed, in perfect harmony with universal truth, we must surrender to what is and let go of right and wrong thinking. Judgment and condemnation of ourselves and others perpetuates the illusion of separation, superiority, and feeds our egoic need for conflict. Resistance to what is creates our false perceptions, dissatisfaction, and our desire to make things other than they are. It is this resistance that keeps us trapped in the illusion and separate from universal abundance, love, and peace of mind. Oneness lived is the realization of what you are, one with all things. Here, your comments, questions and insights are welcome and encouraged. A new consciousness is arising. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

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