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World Consciousness Today

The collective consciousness of the world is in great need of enlightenment. Suffering, terror, oppression, conflict, and separation have reigned as the dominant collective consciousness for thousands of years. Continue reading

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Right vs Wrong Thinking

Right vs wrong thinking has contributed a great deal to opposition and conflict in our world. Judgment, condemnation, and “Us vs Them” thinking is fueled by the ego’s insatiable need for resistance, coupled with the need to be right and make others wrong. Continue reading

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Judgement and Condemnation

The voice in your head that labels, judges, and condemns all it perceives perpetuates our illusion of separation. Everything we do, every thing we think, and every event, circumstance, and situation we encounter is immediately judged and labeled in our … Continue reading

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Surrender To What Is

Think not of how things “should be” different or better. Still your mind and surrender to what is without judgment. In that moment you will free yourself to see the perfection of things just as they are.

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Welcome to Oneness Lived

Conscious enlightenment or awakening from the grand illusion we call life is sought by many. Suffering, discontent, and separation from others is pervasive in our world today. It is this “US vs THEM” and “RIGHT vs WRONG” thinking that creates most of the suffering in our world today. Continue reading

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