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Connection Through Suffering

Egoic suffering is a way we relate and connect with others in the unconscious illusion. Our imagined stories about “our lives”, our blames and victim-hood, serve as common bonds with our fellow man. Continue reading

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World Consciousness Today

The collective consciousness of the world is in great need of enlightenment. Suffering, terror, oppression, conflict, and separation have reigned as the dominant collective consciousness for thousands of years. Continue reading

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Expectations and Disappointment

Experiences are rarely appreciated fully because the ego wants to enhance the current situation or make our situation better in the future. This obsession with future happiness and self gratification keeps us trapped in the ego illusion where we are completely oblivious of the now. Continue reading

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Thoughts and Emotions Are Not Reality

There is a widespread belief that what we think and feel is reality. What is more accurate is that our thoughts and emotions distract us from our oneness with the universe. Continue reading

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