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You Are Enlightenment – Be It Now

The spontaneous realization of enlightenment is available to each and every one of us at any given moment. It does not require effort, nor does it take years of training. Spirituality does not discriminate, it is available to all. Continue reading

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Expectations and Disappointment

Experiences are rarely appreciated fully because the ego wants to enhance the current situation or make our situation better in the future. This obsession with future happiness and self gratification keeps us trapped in the ego illusion where we are completely oblivious of the now. Continue reading

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Separating the “I” from “Me”

The “me” or mind perceived sense of self is synonymous with the ego. This “false self” is a delusion of the ego and compulsively seeks enhancement, approval, and opportunities for perceived superiority. Continue reading

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Hope Is Resistance Disquised

When we dwell in hope, we are not in the present moment. We are in deeply identified with our minds, our thoughts, our imaginations of how things should or could be different at some future time. Continue reading

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Access The Intelligence of The Universe

The intelligence of the universe can not be intellectualized with words, it can only be realized and experienced when we awaken to our own divine nature. Continue reading

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The Ego and it’s Addictions

Approval is the drug that the ego is addicted to. Our egos have an insatiable appetite for the approval and validation of others. Continue reading

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The Past and The Future

The past is but a memory of our perceptions attached to whatever significance we assigned these life events, circumstances, or situations. Continue reading

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Surrender To What Is

Think not of how things “should be” different or better. Still your mind and surrender to what is without judgment. In that moment you will free yourself to see the perfection of things just as they are.

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