About William Narod

William Narod

William Narod

William Narod, author, speaker, and spiritual teacher is founder of The Center For Conscious Enlightenment. This universal community is dedicated to guiding others on their spiritual journey and to the experiential realization of oneness. Mr. Narod resides in the Boulder, Colorado area and works individually and in groups to facilitate spiritual awakening through conscious enlightenment. He welcomes direct communication with the general public and the spiritual community. Mr. Narod is also available to speak to groups at no charge and comments and questions are always welcome. Please contact him at wnarod@onenesslived.com.

1 Response to About William Narod

  1. Paul Doyle says:

    I stumbled across your website looking for an image on google for my new blog. I am recording conversations I have when I ask the presence to use my voice. I tried writting but I find speaking to be a much greater tool. It came to me that our own voice is the perfect vibrational frequence for each of us. I have to laugh as I used to say “God doesn’t talk to me”, cause I never gave him my voice! I love the couple articles I just read, it really doesn’t matter which voice consciousness uses, each is equally necessary. I’ll be in touch.

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