You Are Enlightenment – Be It Now


You Are Enlightenment

Enlightenment is Your Natural State of Being


The spontaneous realization of enlightenment is available to each and every one of us at any given moment. It does not require effort, nor does it take years of training. Spirituality does not discriminate, it is available to all. It does however take desire and awareness in the beginning. We must desire to change our human experience of our illusory world and be willing to let go of our deeply ingrained belief systems and ego. We are conditioned and programmed from the day we are born by unenlightened parents, the media, our peers, and other authority figures. They teach us how to exist in the illusion of separation and conflict. They teach us how to resist and oppose others including past and current events and circumstances. They teach us the illusion of control and manipulation. Many of us never even realize we are in our own mind created illusion. However, a new consciousness is arising and many are on the path and soon more will join us. Spiritual teachers will continue to feed our insatiable appetite for spirituality and conscious enlightenment and the ego illusion will be displace by universal harmony. This will require time and enlightenment of the masses. A new collective consciousness requires that we all participate. Awareness is critical to our spiritual evolution, and victory over our badly dreamed reality. Realization of universal truth is at hand, however enlightenment will not be captured or achieved to satisfy our egos. It is not a means to self-improvement or way to feel superior over your fellow-man. It is quite the opposite, it is unconditional love, infinite wisdom, and the realization of oneness with everything. These words are not meant to define enlightenment but to point you in the general direction. A gentle reminder of what you already know. If you are aware and fully present, you will know conscious enlightenment when you experience it because it is your very essence. Avail yourself of opportunities to become more aware, notice your compulsive thinking, your ego seeking need for conflict, and your addiction to approval. Practice presence and notice the spaciousness. Surrender now and know that Love is, all is well, and I AM.

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1 Response to You Are Enlightenment – Be It Now

  1. Rev Chontella says:

    I was enlightened by this blog as I was enlightened the time when I discovered that it was within my own right to be awakened to a conscious living………peace & love

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