Connection Through Suffering

Connection Through Our Story

You are so much more than the story of "me" .

Egoic suffering is a way we relate and connect with others in the unconscious illusion.  Our imagined stories about “our lives”, our blames and victim-hood, serve as common bonds with our fellow-man.  We compare and even try to “one-up” each other with our stories of our “life challenges” . The story of “me” pervades our mind created reality. The term “healthy ego“, is an oxymoron.  The human ego is a self-destructive collection of conditioned thinking, programing, and reactivity. This thinking, bundled with our life experiences, tells us that we are never enough and that only through a constantly supply of approval, validation, being right, and feeling superior can we attain lasting fulfillment.  The lie the ego perpetuates is that some day when we accomplish enough, or control our environment and circumstances, we will then have all that we seek. A constant in the universe is change or impermanence and so even in our moments of victory,  our feelings of satisfaction, accomplishment, validation, or superiority soon pass and once again we are in search of our next “quick fix”. Many seek spirituality for self-improvement, and to do so is only to enhance self and feed the ego. Others try to intellectualize spirituality, and capture it in someway so as to feel like they have mastered or achieved a new level of superiority.  You are not just the culmination of all your past experiences, nor the story you tell yourself and others. You are infinite divinity and the perfect expression of universal truth whether you realize it or not.  Your experiences whether they be the illusion or the realization of your divine purpose do not alter the reality that your oneness is eternal and that enlightenment is your conscious destiny.

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