Releasing Regret, Guilt, and Shame

Regret, Guilt, and Shame

Regret, Guilt and Shame are Not of The Now

Regret, guilt and shame are nothing more than the mind’s recollection of the past tethered to the significance you assigned past events. Holding onto and reliving the past is not noble, nor is martyrdom. Resistance to what has already occurred is insanity and creates great suffering.  In our mind dominated, ego illusion, we hold onto pain, resentment, anger and manifest more to prove that we are right about the world and our circumstances. Really, all we can do is learn from our experiences, recognize that our actions or reactions were of the ego and not who we are, and dedicate ourselves to being more aware and enlightened in the future. It is through the process of conscious enlightenment that we can stop creating disharmony, chaos, and pain in the lives of others and in our own perceived reality.  The experiential realization of this truth is wisdom. The past is gone and tomorrow is always the future, there is only now. Let go of your attachments, live fully in the moment, and experience abundant life.

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