Expectations and Disappointment

Expectations Lead to Disappointment

A Predictable Equation

The ego always has an agenda, “more”. Experiences are rarely appreciated fully because the ego wants to enhance the current situation or make our situation better in the future. This obsession with future happiness and self-gratification keeps us trapped in the ego illusion where we are completely oblivious of the now. We dwell on how things should and shouldn’t be and we try endlessly to manipulate and control external events and circumstances to attain the happiness and well-being we crave. When we don’t get what we want, we feel great disappointment which often leads to anxiety and depression. To feel better, we try harder, believing that our happiness and ultimate satisfaction can still be obtained if we just increase our efforts. This cycle of effort based insanity is repeated over and over with the expectation of different or improved results. But alas the same returns the same and hopelessness creeps in. The ego can not lead us to lasting happiness and fulfillment. The efforts we make to satisfy the ego only distract us from the present moment where all we seek is available and abundant. Even when we have perceived success in our illusion, it serves only as a “quick fix” and quickly fades. The impermanence of this satisfaction always leaves us craving more, like an addict. In the darkness of our illusion, lasting satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness will forever remain out of sight. In order to break the cycle we must awaken our divine nature, return to our true essence, and surrender to what is. It is through this conscious enlightenment that we will free ourselves from striving, clinging and reactivity of the ego.

About William Narod

William can be contacted at wnarod@onenesslived.com
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