Separating the “I” from “Me”

Awaken to Your Divine Destiny

Awaken To Your Divine Destiny

The “me” or mind perceived sense of self is synonymous with the ego. This “false self” is a delusion of the ego and compulsively seeks enhancement, approval, and opportunities for perceived superiority. This “me-ness” is a deeply ingrained convoluted mixture of our past experiences, societal conditioning, and accepted beliefs. Throughout our lives, it lulls us into believing we are separate beings, in a world of separate phenomena. “I” on the other hand, is synonymous with universal consciousness and oneness. I or the “I-witness” observes all of our illusory ego driven efforts to succeed. It is the ever-present witness, the formless perfection, and the eternal consciousness or oneness. It need not be achieved or attained for it is available to us all at any given moment. Your divine destiny is to rediscover this eternal “I” and surrender the illusion of the “me”. It is on this path that you will know your true essence.

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