Right vs Wrong Thinking

Right vs Wrong Thinking

No Judgement, No Conflict

Right vs wrong thinking has contributed a great deal to opposition and conflict in our world. Judgment, condemnation, and “Us vs Them” thinking is fueled by the ego’s insatiable need for resistance, coupled with the need to be right and make others wrong. Organized Religion, Political Parties, and even sports fans will vehemently defend their mental positions or belief systems. These mind created stand-offs perpetuate the illusion of separation and keep us from the realization of oneness, which is our divine destiny. Practice allowing conscious awareness to arise in your being and begin to witness your own judgmental or conflict oriented thoughts. When you focus your attention on these thoughts without resistance or judgment, you will notice that even though they may continue to arise, they will not stay for very long. Thoughts are just thinking, it’s what minds do.

About William Narod

William can be contacted at wnarod@onenesslived.com
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