Faith, Belief, and Mental Positions

Enlightment Arises in Stillness

Enlightenment Arises in Stillness

Regardless of our faith, beliefs, or mental positions, we are all divine beings on the path of spiritual enlightenment. Throughout our lives, we have been collectively conditioned and programmed to vehemently defend “our beliefs” while condemning those who may oppose us. It is the ego’s insatiable appetite for conflict, superiority, and approval that drives our compulsive behavior. Perceived opposition is often met with strong emotion and reactivity that is automatic, habitual, and creates great suffering. Although seemingly real, this dis-ease is a mind created illusion that if resisted, will persist. As you proceed on the path of conscious enlightenment, you will begin to observe emotions and reactions as they arise and do the same as they subside. In doing so, you will be free from labeling or judging your experience and will instead exist in a blissful state of grace. By releasing our attachments and surrendering to what is, we open ourselves up to experience our true essence which is love unconditioned.

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