You Are Enlightenment – Be It Now


You Are Enlightenment

Enlightenment is Your Natural State of Being


The spontaneous realization of enlightenment is available to each and every one of us at any given moment. It does not require effort, nor does it take years of training. Spirituality does not discriminate, it is available to all. It does however take desire and awareness in the beginning. We must desire to change our human experience of our illusory world and be willing to let go of our deeply ingrained belief systems and ego. We are conditioned and programmed from the day we are born by unenlightened parents, the media, our peers, and other authority figures. They teach us how to exist in the illusion of separation and conflict. They teach us how to resist and oppose others including past and current events and circumstances. They teach us the illusion of control and manipulation. Many of us never even realize we are in our own mind created illusion. However, a new consciousness is arising and many are on the path and soon more will join us. Spiritual teachers will continue to feed our insatiable appetite for spirituality and conscious enlightenment and the ego illusion will be displace by universal harmony. This will require time and enlightenment of the masses. A new collective consciousness requires that we all participate. Awareness is critical to our spiritual evolution, and victory over our badly dreamed reality. Realization of universal truth is at hand, however enlightenment will not be captured or achieved to satisfy our egos. It is not a means to self-improvement or way to feel superior over your fellow-man. It is quite the opposite, it is unconditional love, infinite wisdom, and the realization of oneness with everything. These words are not meant to define enlightenment but to point you in the general direction. A gentle reminder of what you already know. If you are aware and fully present, you will know conscious enlightenment when you experience it because it is your very essence. Avail yourself of opportunities to become more aware, notice your compulsive thinking, your ego seeking need for conflict, and your addiction to approval. Practice presence and notice the spaciousness. Surrender now and know that Love is, all is well, and I AM.

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Connection Through Suffering

Connection Through Our Story

You are so much more than the story of "me" .

Egoic suffering is a way we relate and connect with others in the unconscious illusion.  Our imagined stories about “our lives”, our blames and victim-hood, serve as common bonds with our fellow-man.  We compare and even try to “one-up” each other with our stories of our “life challenges” . The story of “me” pervades our mind created reality. The term “healthy ego“, is an oxymoron.  The human ego is a self-destructive collection of conditioned thinking, programing, and reactivity. This thinking, bundled with our life experiences, tells us that we are never enough and that only through a constantly supply of approval, validation, being right, and feeling superior can we attain lasting fulfillment.  The lie the ego perpetuates is that some day when we accomplish enough, or control our environment and circumstances, we will then have all that we seek. A constant in the universe is change or impermanence and so even in our moments of victory,  our feelings of satisfaction, accomplishment, validation, or superiority soon pass and once again we are in search of our next “quick fix”. Many seek spirituality for self-improvement, and to do so is only to enhance self and feed the ego. Others try to intellectualize spirituality, and capture it in someway so as to feel like they have mastered or achieved a new level of superiority.  You are not just the culmination of all your past experiences, nor the story you tell yourself and others. You are infinite divinity and the perfect expression of universal truth whether you realize it or not.  Your experiences whether they be the illusion or the realization of your divine purpose do not alter the reality that your oneness is eternal and that enlightenment is your conscious destiny.

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Releasing Regret, Guilt, and Shame

Regret, Guilt, and Shame

Regret, Guilt and Shame are Not of The Now

Regret, guilt and shame are nothing more than the mind’s recollection of the past tethered to the significance you assigned past events. Holding onto and reliving the past is not noble, nor is martyrdom. Resistance to what has already occurred is insanity and creates great suffering.  In our mind dominated, ego illusion, we hold onto pain, resentment, anger and manifest more to prove that we are right about the world and our circumstances. Really, all we can do is learn from our experiences, recognize that our actions or reactions were of the ego and not who we are, and dedicate ourselves to being more aware and enlightened in the future. It is through the process of conscious enlightenment that we can stop creating disharmony, chaos, and pain in the lives of others and in our own perceived reality.  The experiential realization of this truth is wisdom. The past is gone and tomorrow is always the future, there is only now. Let go of your attachments, live fully in the moment, and experience abundant life.

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World Consciousness Today

Collective Consciousness Today

A New World Consciousness Is Arising

The collective consciousness of the world is in great need of enlightenment. Suffering, terror, oppression, conflict, and separation have reigned dominant for thousands of years. Ideology, theology, right vs wrong, and us vs them thinking have blinded us to our eternal connection to one another.  Most walk unconsciously in the darkness of illusion and separation yet think they are wide awake.  Unspeakable atrocities are routine and we have been desensitized by daily broadcasts of such in the media. In this illusory, mind dominated perception of reality, many will do anything to defend their mental concepts, beliefs and opinions. Resistance, opposition, and conflict define who we are as much as being a citizen of a country or member of a group. We are critical of others yet stand strong and proud in our self-righteous and often hypocritical judgments and condemnation.  We justify and rationalize our own thoughts and behaviors, in an effort to feel superior. We fight and kill in the name of national security, religion, politics, and countless other ego driven mental positions.  This collective illusion of egos has become the norm and  goes unnoticed and unquestioned by the vast majority. The world is sick with the collective consciousness of the ego and we are “reaping what we have sown”. The severity of the situation cannot be overstated. Our children are programmed and conditioned from birth to identify with the mind, ego, conflict, and separation and so the illusion grows with a new generation.  They learn from their parents, teachers, the media, and society how to perpetuate the needless suffering and darkness of the illusion. On an individual level, negativity, self-loathing, depression, and anxiety, are just a few of the side effects.  The world is asleep in this badly dreamed reality and we must awaken to our true essence. The new consciousness is arising and many are realizing once again, their oneness with the universe. This article is but a sign post to help shine light into the darkness that has lulled us to sleep. Take your awareness to task. The time is now, to once again become aware of the grand illusion, and awaken to our divine destiny.

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Expectations and Disappointment

Expectations Lead to Disappointment

A Predictable Equation

The ego always has an agenda, “more”. Experiences are rarely appreciated fully because the ego wants to enhance the current situation or make our situation better in the future. This obsession with future happiness and self-gratification keeps us trapped in the ego illusion where we are completely oblivious of the now. We dwell on how things should and shouldn’t be and we try endlessly to manipulate and control external events and circumstances to attain the happiness and well-being we crave. When we don’t get what we want, we feel great disappointment which often leads to anxiety and depression. To feel better, we try harder, believing that our happiness and ultimate satisfaction can still be obtained if we just increase our efforts. This cycle of effort based insanity is repeated over and over with the expectation of different or improved results. But alas the same returns the same and hopelessness creeps in. The ego can not lead us to lasting happiness and fulfillment. The efforts we make to satisfy the ego only distract us from the present moment where all we seek is available and abundant. Even when we have perceived success in our illusion, it serves only as a “quick fix” and quickly fades. The impermanence of this satisfaction always leaves us craving more, like an addict. In the darkness of our illusion, lasting satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness will forever remain out of sight. In order to break the cycle we must awaken our divine nature, return to our true essence, and surrender to what is. It is through this conscious enlightenment that we will free ourselves from striving, clinging and reactivity of the ego.

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Separating the “I” from “Me”

Awaken to Your Divine Destiny

Awaken To Your Divine Destiny

The “me” or mind perceived sense of self is synonymous with the ego. This “false self” is a delusion of the ego and compulsively seeks enhancement, approval, and opportunities for perceived superiority. This “me-ness” is a deeply ingrained convoluted mixture of our past experiences, societal conditioning, and accepted beliefs. Throughout our lives, it lulls us into believing we are separate beings, in a world of separate phenomena. “I” on the other hand, is synonymous with universal consciousness and oneness. I or the “I-witness” observes all of our illusory ego driven efforts to succeed. It is the ever-present witness, the formless perfection, and the eternal consciousness or oneness. It need not be achieved or attained for it is available to us all at any given moment. Your divine destiny is to rediscover this eternal “I” and surrender the illusion of the “me”. It is on this path that you will know your true essence.

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Faith, Belief, and Mental Positions

Enlightment Arises in Stillness

Enlightenment Arises in Stillness

Regardless of our faith, beliefs, or mental positions, we are all divine beings on the path of spiritual enlightenment. Throughout our lives, we have been collectively conditioned and programmed to vehemently defend “our beliefs” while condemning those who may oppose us. It is the ego’s insatiable appetite for conflict, superiority, and approval that drives our compulsive behavior. Perceived opposition is often met with strong emotion and reactivity that is automatic, habitual, and creates great suffering. Although seemingly real, this dis-ease is a mind created illusion that if resisted, will persist. As you proceed on the path of conscious enlightenment, you will begin to observe emotions and reactions as they arise and do the same as they subside. In doing so, you will be free from labeling or judging your experience and will instead exist in a blissful state of grace. By releasing our attachments and surrendering to what is, we open ourselves up to experience our true essence which is love unconditioned.

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Right vs Wrong Thinking

Right vs Wrong Thinking

No Judgement, No Conflict

Right vs wrong thinking has contributed a great deal to opposition and conflict in our world. Judgment, condemnation, and “Us vs Them” thinking is fueled by the ego’s insatiable need for resistance, coupled with the need to be right and make others wrong. Organized Religion, Political Parties, and even sports fans will vehemently defend their mental positions or belief systems. These mind created stand-offs perpetuate the illusion of separation and keep us from the realization of oneness, which is our divine destiny. Practice allowing conscious awareness to arise in your being and begin to witness your own judgmental or conflict oriented thoughts. When you focus your attention on these thoughts without resistance or judgment, you will notice that even though they may continue to arise, they will not stay for very long. Thoughts are just thinking, it’s what minds do.

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Thoughts and Emotions Are Not Reality

Thoughts and Emotions

Thoughts and Emotions

There is a widespread belief that what we think and feel is reality. What is more accurate is that our thoughts and emotions distract us from our oneness with the universe. When we quiet our thoughts or at least recognize them for what they are, “thinking”, we free ourselves from reactivity and thus strong emotion and impulsive behavior. This leaves room for compassion and empathy for ourselves and others.

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Hope Is Resistance Disquised

You Are Enlightenment

Conscious Enlightenment Is You Divine Destiny

When we dwell in hope, we are not in the present moment. We are in deeply identified with our minds, our thoughts, our imagination of how things should or could be different at some future time. While this imagination or lucid dream may feel good for a short time, it is but a mind created illusion that takes us away from the majesty of the moment at hand. Allow yourself to be completely present in the moment, notice your thoughts, perceptions, and judgments, and feel the energy of your reactions and emotions. As you do so, consider who or what is noticing or witnessing this mental process. This practice is the beginning of awareness. It is your awakening from the mind created illusion or story you call “your life”. Conscious enlightenment is your divine destiny.

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